07 May 13 Branding Small Businesses in Social Media

BrandingHow to enhance your brand?

If you are not using social media extensively for online marketing strategy, then you should be critically thinking about it. Creating a brand and promoting it on social media should be an essential part of your marketing plan. Having a presence on most used sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn can add value to your product, to customer service and ultimately to your brand.

In most cases simply having an account and broadcasting company news isn’t enough for your business. You need to attract and keep customers to build a strong brand online. As business owners you need to be proactive on social media, have to provide valuable information, and constantly engage with your target audience.

1. Engage with your customers and enhance your brand.
Your customers recognize you as a brand and follow you on all social media. Use this as your primary tool, engage in conversation, post photos if necessary, and provide little tidbits! Never miss a chance to listen to them! Always keep an open mind for their criticism, absorb what your followers are saying about you in every step of the way, and try to deliver the best customer service.

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28 Apr 13 3 Things to Remember When Doing SEO

seo1Search engine optimisation has been widely used 10 years ago and promises to be very useful in the many years to come. It has aided the success of many companies online that make use of SEO to promote their products and services. It has also generated income for many SEO companies that offer optimisation services.

Over the years, many people have also abused the use of Search Engine Optimisation. Thus, Google has regulated its use implementing algorithms that could detect unethical strategies to boost rankings without much effort. There are software systems that have been used to automate submissions of articles and blogs which when done aggressively could spam the Internet. To counter these, Google has recently launched its latest algorithms called Panda and Penguin. They sound cute but they have punished a great number of websites. You don’t want that to happen to your sites so it is imperative that you practice white hat SEO and remember these things:

1. Website Structure and Design Affect SEO Efforts – Ever wonder why good SEO companies analyse the structure and design of the website before doing the actual strategies for optimisation? Going straight to optimisation without doing on-site analysis first might put your efforts to waste. Meta tags and keywords found on the website must be aligned with the targeted keywords used for SEO. Splitting contents on the site into two more pages could lead to easier optimisation to boost each page’s ranking.

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05 Mar 13 How to Make SEO Work for Your Ecommerce Website

1EcommerceIt is no longer news that you can earn a decent living with your ecommerce website. The important thing is that you need to know how to make your website bring in money and this is where SEO comes into the picture. For most people, the concept of search engine optimisation is still relatively difficult to understand, find out more at Usually, the online shopper finds websites by carrying out a search for the product or service he or she is looking for. As an ecommerce website owner, you need to find a way to make your site search engine friendly. If the search engines can find your sites, then the customer can find your site.

The best way to use SEO is to have great content. In this context, great content refers to relevant content and the use of the right key words. You need to know what the customers are searching for and then you incorporate those key words into your content. Now, this has to be done the right way. Use titles and subheads the right way and you will get better results. You also need to be specific. For instance, “14 inch laptops for you” is more specific than “laptops for you”. The former is bound to get you better results than the latter.

In addition, you need to use links the right way. You can use external links to create more traffic for your site. You can also use great internal links to improve your page rank. Images and colours can also help your site very much. Use bold colours and you will attract more customers. Again, ensure that any images you use as links have appropriate ALT text.

You also need some technical knowledge to succeed with SEO. First, you need to watch out for duplicate content so that your site does not get slammed as a spam site. Make sure your content obeys the rules of content “spiderable texts”. If you do this, you can be sure Google will pick them up and this feature your products in SERPs. These are some ways to make SEO work for your ecommerce website.

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05 Oct 12 How Is Social Media Helping in Social Learning?

Class organizers and teachers should pay increasing importance to social media and include it in the everyday learning schedule. Why should educational institutions encourage the using of social networking sites in the classroom? According to industry experts, social media results in social learning where students have access to a common platform to share new ideas and communicate with the global audience in order to develop a better learning environment.

Experts believe social learning can happen anywhere – in the classroom, at home or via the web. Teachers create an activity, ask the students to participate in it and then gather feedback and questions, if any. Social learning actually gives the instructors the chance to decide what, when, and how learning is to take place.

I Informal social learning can take place at home or at the workplace where you discuss news, your thoughts, and ideas with family members or with colleagues. However in schools, colleges or universities, teachers encourage students to create accounts on various social networking websites – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to participate in an ongoing dialogue between members of a specific group or via commenting on a blog post that is quite relevant to the topics being taught in class. Social learning basically includes sharing and the collaboration of different learning materials and useful information for personal and intellectual development of the students.

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29 Sep 12 Better Arrangement of the Website Leads to Better Profit

Website is a crucial thing in the existence of a company. In the website, company fight as hard as they could in order to win the customers attention. In the progress to make the website become well then people should hire a company which is specifically designed to make the website become well and good looking such like Basically people could use the analogy of fashion in the website making.

The website should be specifically designed and dressed beautifully by the relevant progress such as action ads, banner ads, social ads, text ads, sponsored articles and many more. Please choose the company which could make it happen such as the linknami company. People should realize that marketing and advertising are inherent things. Marketing only could be conducted perfectly if people could do the advertising well as the same as what advertising does for marketing.

If you want your company to be successful in both side of marketing and advertising then you should hire this kind of company. They would make your website and promotion system grasp attention even more for the clients and the result would be better profit for your company. Before you choose the company, it is better to ask for their service and price for the service first because surely you don’t want to hire the company in the form of take it for granted, right?